About Us 

Why choose Generali, one of Hungary’s leading insurance providers?  


  • we offer flexible solutions which can be tailored to your actual needs, 
  • we always deliver on the promises we make,
  • our devoted and responsible experts are committed to producing actual value in the market,
  • we are open to innovate and increase our efficiency,
  • our products help you mitigate and manage any risks that you, your family or your business may face,
  • we deliver customizable insurance solutions to contribute to our customers’ saving goals, help them protect their health and property, and thus actively protect and enhance people’s lives. 

Generali opened its first office in Pest in 1832, only a year after the company was founded in Italy, and soon established a reputation for honesty, integrity and quality in insurance.  More than 150 years ago, Generali Hungary played a pioneering role in promoting the concept and values of insurance and laid the foundations of the Hungarian insurance market. 

Unlike other insurers, Generali has always had a full scale of product offering in addition to traditional marine and land cargo insurance. Interestingly, the company began selling life insurance as early as in 1832. Generali won the cooperation of several public figures to advocate the concept of insurance, including Mór Jókai, the renowned novelist of his age, who was a Board Member of Generali for seven years. The growth of the company’s sales network accelerated in the last decades of the 19th century due to economic prosperity. Following a forced close-down during World War II, Generali was committed to restoring operation in Hungary as soon as possible. After some promising endeavors, however, progress was halted by nationalization which made insurance a state monopoly. Thus Generali, along with other foreign insurers, had to withdraw from the Hungarian market in 1949.

After the change of the political and economic regime, Generali was the first insurance company to return to Hungary. On September 12, 1989 the Hungarian Government approved the incorporation of the first insurance joint venture, ÁB-Generali Biztosító Rt, which was jointly owned by Generali and the State Insurance Company. On October 1, 1991 EA-Generali AG acquired the shares of the State Insurance Company and the company’s name was changed to Generali Budapest Biztosító Rt.
Providencia Osztrák-Magyar Biztosító Rt was founded in 1989 and started operations in the Hungarian insurance market in 1990 as the first insurer with a foreign majority owner. In 1991, the company’s majority stake was purchased by EA-Generali AG.

In May 1999, the two Hungarian subsidiaries of the Generali Group, Providencia Osztrák-Magyar Biztosító Rt and Generali Budapest Biztosító Rt merged to create Generali-Providencia Biztosító Rt, the second largest insurance company of the Hungarian insurance market. The company’s name was changed to Generali-Providencia Biztosító Zrt in 2007, and Generali Biztosító Zrt in 2014.

Headquarters: 1066 Budapest, Teréz krt. 42-44.
Tax number: 10308024-4-44

Company registration number: 01-10-041305
Bank account number: Raiffeisen Bank 12001008-00100594-00100008
Reg. No at the Financial Supervision: 09/1990

Our Products

  • Would you like to have your car fully covered against theft, collision and storm damage?
  • Do you need protection for your holiday home in the country? Are you looking for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is protected?
  • Are you interested in life insurance coverage for you and your family?   Would you like to get your health care treatment arranged with a single phone call?

Whether you are looking for compulsory third party liability coverage, or comprehensive car insurance to have protection against damage to your car as well as personal injury, we are here to help you. 

What we offer

  • Partially or fully comprehensive motor insurance with options to tailor your policy to your needs
  • Flexible, customer friendly claim settlement with fast, online customer service
  • Eco Casco to protect older, no-claim cars with up to 35% discount on our base rates
  • 24-hour emergency assistance, car rental, driver assistance and 13 more services for the maximum protection of your car

Good to Know:

  • With our comprehensive Casco Insurance, your car is fully covered against theft, collision, damage by vandalism or natural disasters, or windscreen breakage.
  • If you are looking for protection for your car as well as the assets in the car, the passengers and their belongings, get a Premium or Extra Plan to complement our fast and flexible claim settlement procedure with deluxe service features.
  • With ECO Casco, you can get up to 35% discount on standard premium rates.

Whether you have a cosy apartment or a family house, we have the perfect solution to protect your home. Our cover options allow you to build a policy which is fully tailored to your needs. 

What we offer

  • 4 insurance plans with policy add-ons so that you can enjoy a peace of mind in any situation.
  • Maximized protection with our Smart Home Plan, Smart Insurance Cover, Extended Guarantee for Household Appliances and Computing Devices, Pet Damage Cover, Accident Insurance Add-ons and lot more.
  • Get up to 37% discount on our base rates from numerous discounts.
  • Weather alert service.

Private Care 

If you choose Generali Private Care Health Insurance, you will no longer have to worry about finding the right doctor or hospital to take care of your medical problem. You can call Generali Medi24, 24 hours a day to seek prompt medical care of the highest standards in a network of highly equipped private medical facilities without having to worry about waiting lists. 

What we offer

  • No need to spend time and energy on seeking out the best doctor or most suitable health care treatment; all you have to care about is your recovery.
  • No need to pay for each and every private medical examination; with our private health insurance you can have unlimited access to treatment in medically reasonable cases in return for payment of the insurance premium (which you can pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually).
  • Get professional health care in comfortable facilities.
  • 24-hour medical consultation and the coordination of patient journey through Generali Medi24.
  • No waiting lists, no facilitation payments.
  • You can attend medical checkups included in your plan to prevent the development of serious illness.
  • Choose one of our four insurance plans to get the coverage you need.

This insurance is recommended to

  • Those who want to provide themselves and their family with access to prompt, expert medical care.
  • Those who do not want to pay for each and every private medical examination they attend.
  • Those looking for prompt access to a wide range services on multiple locations.
  • Those looking for comprehensive care which they can schedule according to their needs, from screening tests and medical check-ups through oncology consultations to deluxe hospital accommodation, all available under the Exclusive Plan.

Company Care 

Full scale medical care for You and your team – as a company perk.  Facilitate employee engagement and business efficiency and make your company most attractive to job seekers with Generali’s Company Care Health Insurance. It’s time to include health on the corporate agenda, knowing that business goals are a lot easier to reach when your team is fit and healthy.

What we offer

Financial advantages

  • an ideal fringe benefit which is exempt from taxes and contributions while insurance premiums can be fully recognized as costs
  • under the insurance plans all health care services and cash benefits are exempt from tax
  • insurance premiums may be provided in addition to the HUF 450 000 annual limit of fringe benefits
  • get faster treatment in the event of illness and reduce related business costs, such as sick pay or the costs of substituting absent labor

Satisfied employees

  • a regular full medical checkup can help find medical problems sooner, so you can rely upon a fitter and healthier team
  • allows you to create a sustainable business where employees are truly valued, thus it improves loyalty and the sense of recognition

Insurance Plans tailored to different needs

  • with four different health insurance plans, you can offer differentiated benefits to select employees
  • you can offer insurance protection to all your employees or to a select group only
  • The protection of your employees’ health is just as important as the protection of your assets.


Health Insurance Generali Private Care
General Terms and Conditions of Generali Private Care Health Insurance (GPC-ÁSZF/2017_EN)
Special Conditions of the Medical Second Opinion Coverage of Generali Private Care Health Insurance (GPC-MOV/2017_EN)
Special Conditions of the Oncology Diagnostics Coverage of Generali Private Care Health Insurance (GPC-OND/2017_EN)
Special Conditions of Malignant Tumour Coverage of Generali Private Care Health Insurance (GPC-RDB/2017_EN)
Special Conditions of the Fee-for-Service Coverage of Generali Private Care Health Insurance (GPC-SZOF/2017_EN)
Product Brochure Generali Private Care Health Insurance


Health Care Insurance Generali Company Care
Customer Information and General Provisions Governing Insurance Policies
Generali Company Care Health Insurance General Terms and Conditions (GCC-ÁSZF/02016)
Special Conditions of the Oncology Diagnostics Coverage of Generali Company Care Health Insurance (GCC-OND/02016)
Special Conditions of the Medical Second Opinion Coverage of Generali Company Care Health Insurance (GCC-MOV/02016)
Special Conditions of Fixed-Sum Covers of Generali Company Care Health Insurance (GCC-ÖB/02016)
Special Conditions of the Fee-for-Service Coverage of Generali Company Care Health Insurance (GCC-SZOF/02016)
Product Brochure Generali Company Care Health Insurance

With MyLife unit-linked life insurance policies you can have insurance protection and you can build cash value to create financial security against life’s unknowns for the whole family. Benefits are designed to allow you to accumulate savings for your long term plans and to take care of emergency expenses. 

Life Insurance Products:

  • MyLife Life Insurance
  • MyLife Prémium Life Insurance
  • MyLife Single Premium Life Insurance

What we offer

  • You can accumulate savings to reach your goals
  • You can add insurance riders to your policy to take care of life’s unknowns
  • You can make top-up payments to reach your goals sooner
  • From the eligible unit-linked funds you can build an investment portfolio which best suits your needs
  • You can take care of your retirement years or your child’s future financially


Life, Accident, Health Insurance and Waiver of Premium on Death Riders available with Unit-Linked Life Insurance Policies

Generali MyLife Single Premium Unit-Linked Life Insurance – Special Conditions (U60E/2016)

Generali MyLife Premium Unit-linked Life Insurance with Regular Premium Payment – Special Conditions (U72/2017)

Generali MyLife Whole Life Unit-linked Insurance with Regular Premium Payment – Special Conditions (U66/2017-2)

General Terms and Conditions of Unit-Linked Life Insurance Policies (UL16/2016)

Unit linked Life Insurance with Single Premium Payment Special Conditions

Under the Cégpaletta Insurance Scheme, we offer all types of insurance a business owner or a company should have. Choose at least two types of insurance to enjoy the discounts.

Insurance covers available under the Cégpaletta Scheme:

  • Vagyonőr Commercial Property Insurance
  • Generali Group Legal Expenses and Employee’s Liability Insurance
  • General and Professional Liability Insurance
  • Agrárőr Agricultural Property Insurance
  • Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance – Fleet Cover
  • Motor Comprehensive (Casco) Insurance – Fleet Cover
  • Pajzs Employer’s Health- and Accident Insurance
  • Testőr for Individuals – Term Life, Health and Accident Insurance for Directors
  • Generali Company Care Fee-for-service Health Insurance
  • Company Travel Insurance
  • Generali Health Fund
  • Generali Voluntary Pension Fund

What we offer

  • A full-scale professional review of your business’s risk portfolio
  • A unique quote tailored to your risk portfolio
  • Premium discounts, complimentary services
  • Fast and fair claim settlement
  • The stable financial background of the Generali Group

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